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First, please my poor english but i'm french and i haven't spoke/wrote english for a long time.

I want to think your joking :)

and in response to coward (please don't see offence, I hope it's your "pseudo"), when you said that people would make laws when they are upset, in France, we have the chance to have a governement wich is really concerned by the people who elected them : they did (they use a way of doing things that permit then do ask for validation by our chambers of eleted people by the 23 dec. on night, just then anybody except some of their friends will be there to say 'no!') a law who is going to be worse than the DMCA : for example, only the fact of explain to someone (or just putting on link on) how to bypass a 'protection' is illegal and to be possibly condamned to jail, even if it is in the objective to use something lagally acquired and for our own use. They also put somes articles of law who make illegal development/use/distribution of any software (open-source or propietary but os is a primary target) who let transfert digital information (it's includes basic "concepts" like ftp !) without implementing DRM ! (or softs who permits interoperability :/).

They are going so far in reject of public concerns thats some of these articles are named Vivendi/Universal !

please find an excerpt from a site who try to fight this law

VU/SACEM/BSA amendment forbidding software not equipped with technical measures.

An amendment to the proposed DADVSI bill has the aim of making criminal counterfeiting out of publication, 
distribution and promotion of all software susceptible to being used to open up data protected by author's right and 
not integrating a method of controlling and tracking private usage (technical measure). All software permitting 
downloads is concerned, such as certain instant messaging software (chat) and all server software (P2P, HTTP, FTP, 
SSH). This surrealist amendment has been redirected from its start by Vivendi Universal, then reworked by many 
members of the Sirinelli commission, a commission of the High Council of Literary and Artistic Property CSPLA.

So for finish my long speech, I hope your right Coward and someday people will kick the ass of these f****** b*******. I'm really worrying for the world our childrens will get :(

Have a nice day :D

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