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Thanks for the response, Ian.

I think there's a good possibility that one of the distributed systems will focus on making centralized development work well. I don't think they've done that yet. They are ignoring something important as a result.

Working with a centralized server is arguably easier with darcs than svn.

Svn recommends you think about your branches, tags, and overall layout when you create the project. There is no need for this in darcs.

Svn has a special command, 'svn import' for starting a project. darcs has a syntax that is as easy to use, but more general purpose, as it can be used whenever you want to creat a new branch:

darcs put mark@otherserver.com:/home/repos/my_new_project

There is nothing special to learn about users and permissions, as you can use unix permissions and ssh, or gpg-signed e-mail to transport patches.

It's not clear to this to me why this wouldn't be considered "working well". It has the added benefit that casual contributors can still commit repeatedly offline on their laptops before sync'ing, or easily create their own branch.


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