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Re: Distributed vs. Centralized Version Control

Hmmm... Your idea of anonymous commits seems like a possible source of unintended consequences. I'll throw out the term 'wikification' to describe it. I love wikis, but there is a significant maintenance cost, due to flaws in human nature. You'd almost have to automatically build on every commit, and roll back changes that no worky-worky, and then black list bogus committers somehow. The haters of open source would likely DOS a lot of projects. Ultimately, there is a huge learning curve before stepping into any project. Even if I know python (and I consider myself a medium-weight), I probably can't do useful work until I've interacted significantly with the team, beyond trivial bugfixing. So, I'm luke-warm on the idea.

Comment on Distributed vs. Centralized Version Control
by Chris Smith


I think new people shouldn't be able to commit to the trunk, but they should be able to make their own branches. There remain some DoS possibilities, no doubt, but those are all simply bugs. There might be a lot of those bugs, of course...

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