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Re: Distributed vs. Centralized Version Control

I work as a team leader in a small/medium-sized developer team, and we are using CVS/subversion successfully, but after playing around with darcs for a toy project, we also think about moving to a SCM without a central server. May be we are a "to agile" or whatever, but sometimes it would be just nice to sync with the repository of my coworker without submitting it to a central server or using branches. And approaching a release all my team members start to merge with a central repository. May be I must say, that I highly appreciate the way Guido (GvR) and Linus manage there projects. And I guess this can be applied to a lot of open source software too. Well, and email is not to bad for patch "movement", isn't it? I think, the way darcs does it, is the best. Some people can commit directly, the rest has to send the patches by mail.

Comment on Distributed vs. Centralized Version Control
by Oliver Andrich