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<p> I find myself in the same position, and have come across the same discovery. As a young person with very few possessions (non computer-related) and living out of a van in a ski town, one of the most frightening things is to end up getting "stuck" writing some of this boring stuff you all are talking about. I'd say the purest of the three options is to retain coding as a hobby. If one loves the beauty of good code, and loves creating it, one becomes a prep-cook, lives in a cabin (or van, heh...) and writes the good stuff after-hours. </p> <p> Also, it is apparent to me now that finding the meaning of "enough money" and "we need more profit" is the most important factor in remaining ethical and whole as a company. I've seen some Norwegian developers do this, but then, I've also seen them eat lutefisk. </p> <p> I am young and enjoy a certain level of ignorance, and will face the test of cash-flow soon enough. </p>
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by Patrick Stinson