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Re: Did he mention workflow?

Rings bells here. We wrote workflow systems for government and oil companies, can it get worse? Well, yes, foisting document and records management solutions on to users who don't want them is worse.

At least the systems for oil-cos made them more effecient oil-cos, thus able to more effciently exploit a resource which may be the death of us all yet. One of Canada's biggest considers it their strategic weapon, allowing them to merge new acquisitions into the mother company at a much more efficient rate than in the past.

Its all rather ironic in that I'm a tandem-riding conservative environmentalist.

You ended your rant with "have to figure out something to do with this" - ultimately what I did was cash in my chips, sell my share of the biz to my partners and I quit. I didn't quit wealthy enough to retire, but secure enough to work a lot less, and spend much more time with family instead of an aircraft cabin. I'm done with commuting via car or planes.

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by Mike