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Re: Did he mention workflow?

I think all professional programmers get frustrated by the mindset of most work that gets done in commercial software. Software gets developed against competitors feature lists (even when they don't make sense) until you reach what a co-worker of mine calls the "features arms race." Honestly, its one of the most frustrating things I have found about developing software professionally: managers think that a piece of software should be everything to everyone. Most programmers I know want to solve problems that people actually have, not develop artificial solutions to invented problems.

One of these days, I want to get a group of smart Python developers together, and write a piece of software for real people. I like JWZ's comment about software that will get you laid, but really, I think a more honest and pure mantra would be to strive to write software that your mother would be proud of. If anyone is starting a venture to create software for real people's real problems in Python, let me know, I might like to participate :)

Couldn't agree more Ian!

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by Jonathan LaCour