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Decomposing document generation comment 000

I dunno. Having looked at


and some of its beautiful output, I'd opine that documentation, like the code itself, requires effort, and is worth it.

Comment on Re: Decomposing Document Generation
by Chris Smith


Note that there is a CWEB-tool written in Python called LEO. http://webpages.charter.net/edreamleo/front.html

It supports code written in Python and several other languages and it also supports several variations of CWEB-like systems. One really nice thing about using LEO is that you can keep adding documentation as you work. No need for a separate history file. This does mean that you end up with code that has huge amounts of comments, but since 99% of the time you are running from .pyc files, it doesn't matter. And since LEO allows you to structure your documentation in any way you want, you can do things like integrate bugfix documentation into the document set. If you see that a particular file was modified to fix bug X-301 then you can easily look up bug x-301 and see what files were affected and what notes the programmer added.

# Michael Dillon