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Well, I can't really speak for him as a candidate, but Dave has followed PRT for some time and he knows quite a few of the people involved in CPRT. Dean Zimmerman, who is a Green City Council member in Minneapolis (neighboring ward) has been a strong proponent of PRT during his time in office (and like all the councilmembers, he's also up for reelection).

I get the impression there's conflict in the Green Party over this, as some see PRT as a dig on traditional mass transit like Light Rail. I'm personally very excited about PRT, as mass transit just doesn't work well. It's not even very good for the environment; this Salon article is a really good summary; mass transit isn't much (if any) more energy efficient than cars. I think PRT could revolutionize cities.

Chicago is one of those small number of US cities that people in other US cities use to say "well, sure, mass transit can work there because it's dense, but not here". But I can tell you it clearly does not work here; and if not here, I don't see how it can work in those other cities.

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