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Re: Constraints and Continuations

Er - you know that the internet is more than the web, right? For instance, I do a lot of code based on top of twisted, and a very, very small amount of it is web-based.

The approach used in something like twisted is still useful, even if the web didn't suck.

Comment on Constraints and Continuations
by Anthony Baxter


I don't think Twisted's use of continuations looks much like Seaside's. Twisted is very explicit about where a continuation is formed and returned (via Deferreds), while in Seaside it is entirely implicit. CherryFlow is the only system I'm aware of that does Seaside-style continuations (using Stackless).

# Ian Bicking

I should amend that -- Twisted's Athena probably is more like Seaside, though (I only know about them indirectly). But I also presume Athena is strictly for the web.

# Ian Bicking

Athena is a Divmod project, and has very little to do with Twisted (other than the fact that it uses it as a library).

# Moe Aboulkheir