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I don't have much faith in backwards compatibility either. But I would also be satisfied if I could just have a smooth migration path.

Keeping my Zope2 based apps running, and start migrating slowly to Zope3 would be good enough.

Some kind of magic transformation af a complex Zope 2 application into Zope 3 is too much to hope for.

Comment on Zope 2, Zope 3, and the big empty space between
by Max M


What is the big deal of supporting python script in zope3?

Right now, Zope3 seems to be forcing ordinary zope application developer to become expert python programmer, which I don't like. It is vital to keep the flexibility. A framework will become popular only if it suits the majority of developers, not simply because it is supposed to have the best design so it may handle huge project.

Having the ability to compete against other well-known frameworks/servers(like weblogic+java) is good but do not lose the small/medium sized web application market--it does exist in a significant manner.

# Michael Lee