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Actually I and my group are some of those non-existing through-the-web programmers - and we make money of several other of those non-existing ttw-programmers. ;-)

TTW in Zope2 ist fantastic if you build systems together with the customer, and if the customer isn't highly skilled programmers, but more of the "webmaster" type. They can learn quite fast how to do customizations and programming. And you can build solutions that they can take over and fiddle around with.

Sure, the code that results from working like this usually isn't very clean and nice - it's more like a garbage can where some garbage got intelligent while rotting away. Evolution taking over ;-) - but then, business is about making money. If you can make money by helping customers to build solutions they need and like and can maintain by themselves, it's ok to build intelligent garbage cans.

It's not as bad as people might think, because skill-limited people restrict themselves to skill-limited solutions and so debugging those systems usually is quite easy, as not much complicated code exists. So, yes, I like TTW, as it helps to pay my food.

Of course, complicated stuff is factored out of the TTW world and into Zope products, so it's more a TTW+Products world we live in. The only thing in TTW world we actually never use are ZClasses. They are too complicated to be understood by the customer and to restricted to be of use to the real programmers.
Comment on Zope 2, Zope 3, and the big empty space between
by Georg Bauer