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Moof: I'm not a huge fan of the reST linking (i.e., `words here`_), but I'd rather keep it consistent. And I dislike implicit links like WikiName, especially since the code refers to a lot of class names, all of which look like wiki names, and it gets distracting.

For minor changes, I'm not sure -- MoinMoin has this, but all changes show up in the RSS regardless. Part of this is to allow monitoring for abuse. It would be possible to have two RSS feeds, perhaps, one that was thorough and another that wasn't.

A diff is planned. Maybe when a log message is missing it could even go in the RSS (or at least some abbreviated form).

There is a link to current version implicit, in that "View" always shows the current version. Maybe it should be named differently when you're on a historical page, though.

I'm not sure how to document reST -- repeating the reST documentation seems like a bad idea, but a really-quick introduction might be good. But maybe that should be part of reST too.

Georg: while it's not hourly, I made a checkout to my home directory: http://www.webwareforpython.org/~ianb/w4py.org/Wiki/

At some point we should put up a better code browser on the site, since the code is the whole point of the site. But that should give you something to look at for now.
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