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Maybe you mean: OOP devalues the idea of a "program"? Ian: Yes! That's exactly what I mean. I don't think the world is ready for that

Seems like you should explain that at length - it's difficult to tell if you intend to say that the world isn't ready for Java & C# (and the numerous languages that have been made object friendly - C++ Python Ada) or if you intend to say that Java & C# and ... aren't used to write OO programs.

Ian: my answer isn't "because everyone is too misguided and uninformed"
Nor mine. John M Carroll & Mary Beth Rosson found out how to make Smalltalk training effective - much of that research is online.

function(args...) or object.function(args...)
You wouldn't map code into Smalltalk in that way - you'd try and take advantage of what the language provides.

I think imperative, non-component programming is simpler
So if you have a simple little problem that you will be able to solve faster with an imperative programming language - use the imperative programming language ;-) Choose the appropriate tool.
Comment on Where Smalltalk Went Wrong 2
by Isaac Gouy