Ian Bicking: the old part of his blog


>I only used Squeak
Then maybe you should talk about "Where Squeak Went Wrong"?

>not a Free Software kind of community
You used Squeak - Squeak has a vibrant Free Software kind of community!

>proprietary... I dismiss them
Are you generalizing far beyond your experience?

>clashes badly with the dominant syntax
What do you mean specifically by "the dominant syntax"?

>a lively set of interacting objects
Yes this is OOP.

Kristen Nygaard, in his ECOOP 2002 Banquet Speech:
"In object-oriented programming the programs are not organised in a single sequence. Instead, an object is created for each individual component... In this way a system, including information systems, may be understood, described and represented by a collection of objects in a computer, each object acting and/or is acted upon through the carrying out of the parallel object-related computing sequences."

Maybe you mean: OOP devalues the idea of a "program"?

>support for simple imperative programming
Why would we use an OO programming language to do simple imperative programming?
Comment on Where Smalltalk Went Wrong 2
by Isaac Gouy