Ian Bicking: the old part of his blog


Hmmmm. I seldom respond to blogs but this time I just couldn't hold it back.

Whatever happened to the concept of sticking to at least a few facts? Let me just add a few:

The "can't make functions" is just totally bogus. Heard of blocks? Heard of class methods? In fact - Smalltalk can handle "functions" even better than say Java.
The "can't interface with libraries" is totally bogus too. Has been trivial to do that in a number of Smalltalks since years and years. Personally I know it is dead easy in Squeak, VW, Dolphin, Smallscript and probably a bunch others too.
The "can't do command line stuff/scripts" is... have a guess? Bogus. I can mention a few Smalltalks that excel at this like GST, Smallscript or SharpSmalltalk but it is also trivial to do using say Squeak which hasn't even focused on it much. Why? Because image based development is preferred by anyone who knows diddly squat about Smalltalk! Sigh.

Ugh, lost the energy to correct even more glaring faults here. And don't bother emailing me if you are not interested in learning something. I should have learned by now that discussing languages or tools with people who only know one side of the things compared is just hopeless.

Comment on Where Smalltalk Went Wrong
by Göran Krampe