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.NET (and C#) is not so bad

As far as I understood the .NET framework, they mixed up Java, Python and C++ and tried to get the best out of each language. The framework itself seems to be very powerful, since it lets a developer decide, which language he will actually use. In a year or two, the Python .NET project will be able to convert Python Code to the intermediate language as well.
I am happy about all this, because this would make our life in the *bad* windows world hopefully so much easier in the future!
Imagine no more COM, but clear and easy-to-use interfaces to Windows!
For example, if a Windows C# Developer must have to write a interface to an Python-Application, this should be easy to solve with .NET.
But to be honest: I myself do not believe, that .NET works, because Windows itself is a pain.

Comment on The Future: Longhorn Shmonghorn
by Thorsten Henninger