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I didn't say that twisted was too limited - actually I think it's too powerfull in some regards ;-) - but that a switch of PyDS to twisted as core would require too much changes to PyDS. Of course, I still could push longrunning code into threads with twisted - but that wouldn't gain me much over the current medusa+threads situation. I already could refactor PyDS to be more eventdriven by hooking into medusa. Of course this would require writing some stuff that's already there with twisted.

As I wrote already, had I known twisted when I started PyDS, I might even have used twisted as the base for PyDS and not medusa. But as it is the switch of PyDS from medusa+threads to twisted-threads would be problematic (because of parts of the system that can't be easily broken into smaller chunks, like the rendering stuff) and the change to twisted+threads would be much work without that much gain for PyDS (as I could already reach many of the goals of such a transition with it's current core).
Comment on Twisted and Threads
by Georg Bauer