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Dave: sigh, I don't know about traceback... I've not had the easiest time with the server software (PyCS), so I'm not feeling enthusiastic about diving into it :( Maybe I'll switch to Syndicato sometime, it looks neat.

There hasn't been a lot of reaction on the mailing list. The Webware mailing list isn't that reactive. It's kind of sad -- there's just not a lot of enthusiasm or experimentation in the Webware community, for whatever reason. Maybe other frameworks have been able to steal away the developers who would be more interested in that sort of thing. Maybe all those developers just start their own projects (there's so damn many). I'll come back to it, but I already have a number of other projects which I'm involved in, so I'm spread a little thin, and I find it hard to keep my enthusiam going on Webware. I'm sure I'm not the only one. It's a problem. I've even had a hard time keeping my enthusiasm going with Web-SIG, which has the potential to deal with a lot of these same issues, and issues which I think are extremely important to Python.
Comment on Standalone WebKit
by Ian Bicking