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I have a little image processing app. It wants to display the processed version of a group of images. I have had to bend over backwards in the worst way in order to allow it to do the image transformations in the background and still get reasonable performance. Even after all my machinations it is still performing at 25% of what it's ideal performance would be. It's not that any of this is impossible to surmount but that it takes so much work to go past the "toy" stage to the "tool" stage for any processor intensive GUI app.

I've done enough threaded C++ code in my life to know that it's not trivial to make this fit into a powerful, late-binding language. Certainly there are no other equivalently powerful languages with the sort of concurrency I would like (e.g. Lisp, Ruby, Perl, etc...). It seems like a problem that ought to be solveable eventually though, and I think it is quite important. The GIL has to go.
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by Jeff