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They have gone up, you're right. America is still composed of people who are agents of free will and abortion is still legal. However, when abortion is illegal, they will go down.

Now, making abortion illegal only treats the symptom, albeit a very devestating one, and not the root cause of the problem. Abortion is just a symptom of the real problems - selfishness and irresponsibility. How to change that? Well, that kind of change a person can only experience by placing one's faith in Jesus Christ as savior. And that experience can only be through free will. It cannot - it must not be forced upon anyone. Well, it just can't be forced on anyone, just won't work.

So, Bush can only accomplish so much in the realm of the unborn, but I'm confident he's the best (only?) candidate for legislative reform where abortion is concerned.

Do you disagree on that point?

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by Perry