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Jack: I'm not going to respect the Bush supporters' world view. I could go into why, I could go to great length to talk about why they are misinformed and are unintentionally voting against their beliefs, but it's kind of a moot point. Those people are not my enemies (though the Republican insiders are), and I don't think they are stupid, but they are being manipulated, and they bare some of the blame for that. And anyway, I'm not a public figure, so it doesn't matter if I pander or condescend, I'm not a figurehead, I'm not even a decision maker, and if these ideas mean anything it's only because they spark some interest among like-minded people. I don't have to be polite to the opposition, there's no real point to it.

As far as the anti-corporate sentiment... well, that's an area where there's potential, an untapped belief system that I sense in our society, but it has few outlets. And certainly no outlets that are accessible to Red State Americans; I don't expect these people to become anarchists and live in collectives and protest WTO meetings. But I think the sentiment is there, but with few groups willing to tap it. The Democrats aren't going to do it, at least not as they are now. But it could still happen, and it could be powerful. For all the people who value humans above institutions, it could be very powerful.
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by Ian Bicking