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Thanks Ian,

FWIW, I feel a tiny bit better after reading someone else with a similar sense of well-merited disgust at the current political state of the USA. And I suppose it encourages me to take a similar slight solace at also living and voting in a moderately civilized state (Massachusetts)--our state house became even more overwhelmingly democratic; and we have some quite good congressional reps: Frank, Markey, my own Olver, and Sen. Kennedy.

There was something nice about reading something on a Python/techie blog that was especially encouraging. I read a number of liberal political commentary sites, and I expect to read what I do there. But to see a ray of humanity's better side somewhere else entirely is a nice thing.

But still: F*ck! How come the country I live in can't show the a greater modicum of intelligence and decency. Four more years of tax dollars paying to drop bombs on Iraqi children! (And also the crackdown on civil liberties, of course; and insane fiscal policy; and fundamentalist xtianiaty being enshrined as a "state religion").
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