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Yes, I think we are, but for different reasons. I've lurked for the past few months listening to your anti-Bush rhetoric - because you're such a great python programmer. But I've disagreed all the way.

You call the situation in Iraq barbarianism? I call abortion barbarianism. Guess we don't see eye to eye. A civilized nation under Kerry? A civilized nation doesn't eat their young to satisfy their selfish cravings.

Oh well, it's pleasant to see that myself and a few other million 'evangelical Christians' got out and voted. Who would have thought the election would come down to moral issues? :)

And no, I'm not trolling. You mentioned in a previous post that you couldn't understand why anyone would support Bush. It's a different set of morals and priorities, 'tis all.

btw, I used to live in Naperville. It's a shame to see Ill. go the way it has...

Hey, now that it's over, can you get back to posting about python? Top notch stuff you put up about programming. Top notch.
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