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The level of dislike is not new. James Robertson is correct and has said it better than I. I think that the way the system is setup now, it will be a while before we have a widely liked president. The way that both sides have attacked each other during this election is appalling really. And the truth is , the country is just divided.

Which truthfully if Kerry had run a better campaign, this election would be in the bag. If you ask a Bushie he would say, if it were not for the media, this would not even be a race.

Sadly I actually think that if Bush wins we are heading towards a really bad time for the U.S. If he wins and gets abortion outlawed as he wants, I think that we are heading towards a civil war. I know that it sounds nuts and I need to pull out my tinfoil hat... but I do think that is where this country is heading.

Hopefully not, even if Bush does win, hopefully he will not do something that stupid.

Comment on The Two Sides
by Tonetheman