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>> I really think, US gov need to stop this
>>quickly. ~20 000 Iraqis died, and bunch of
>>them were only kids or women.

> How about some proof.


If you believe this report, the number is around 100,000.

Whether you believe this report or not, it's probably safe to say that more Iraqis have died as a result of the war than Americans so far.

But that aside, what is an acceptable number to you?

>> Like why are there foreign workers
>> driving trucks?

> Um, maybe because we can't tell who is and is not a
> terrorist? I mean, duh. Would you employ someone if
> there were a bunch of crazies running around your
> country and wouldn't mind getting their hands on a
> huge truck to store explosives in?

FWIW, I couldn't find any truck driving jobs in Iraq on monster.com. There is one transportation management job for around $80 - $95k / year.
Comment on Iraq and Ulterior Motives
by Chris McDonough