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Uhm. Calling the actions of the Bush administration "pragmatic" stretches the meaning of that word far beyond recognition ...

I really don't understand Bush supporters. It's evident that he lied to his people - he himself admitted it (the whole "weapons of mass destruction in iraq" stuff, where he and his staff had to admit that there weren't any, the whole "Bin Laden Iraq connection" where he and his staff had to admit there isn't one). This is not a minor mishap like displacing your dick in the mouth of some woman you are not married to - this is lying to the people who voted for you, lying to the people you swore to protect! You _can't_ ignore something like that. You can't call that pragmatic.

I might be able to accept that 'murkins can't understand why it is bad that he is a religious nut, but this total ignorance of the president lying in your face really ticks me off.

Over here in Germany we just recently had something similar: the Kohl-administration lying, stealing and doing harm to the state by shuffling around money without obeying the rules. Nothing where people were killed (like going to war on wrong premises), just money. Still this gave the Kohl-administration a hard time and several people were taken to trial (to bad they couldn't sack Kohl, he definitely had deserved it). You can't just accept lying administrations and call them pragmatic. You have to make them pay for their doings. The minimum would be to throw them out of office (like happened to most of the staff of the Kohl administration - even their own party don't want most of them still in higher ranks within the organization).

The US situation mostly reminds me of Italy, where people still support Berlusconi, even though he is corrupt, manipulative and a liar. Oh, and a ridiculous poser. I don't understand Italy, too. Hell, I even don't understand Hessen - state of Germany - as they are holding unto Koch as their leader, even though that one is a total putz and outrageous liar.
Comment on Iraq and Ulterior Motives
by Georg Bauer