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>> I really think, US gov need to stop this
>>quickly. ~20 000 Iraqis died, and bunch of
>>them were only kids or women.

How about some proof.

>>In EU, the first time we heard about the
>>war, everybody say: 'the war for oil is
>>open'. And next we discover Haliburton's
>>stuffs ..

War for oil? Really? I wouldn't know that from the prices I'm paying at the pump.

>> Like why are there foreign workers
>> driving trucks?

Um, maybe because we can't tell who is and is not a terrorist? I mean, duh. Would you employ someone if there were a bunch of crazies running around your country and wouldn't mind getting their hands on a huge truck to store explosives in?

>> I saw last week, a TV show about US army
>> where solder talk about rapes or how many
>> children they have kill .. that's
>> horrifie me. ...

Give me a friggin break. You uber sophisticated Europeans need to wake up and smell the coffee. I forgot, we have to ask the UN persmission first. I know it's hard to think that America is something other than evil, but, really, try being more informed before spouting this bs.
Comment on Iraq and Ulterior Motives
by phurious