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I really think, US gov need to stop this quickly. ~20 000 Iraqis died, and bunch of them were only kids or women.

Right now, quite everybody knows that money have been a good reason to start this war. In EU, the first time we heard about the war, everybody say: 'the war for oil is open'. And next we discover Haliburton's stuffs ..
US people really need to look other TV channel than CBS or Foxnew. Lot of newspapers, books, TV show here (in EU) show another reality. (I saw last week, a TV show about US army where solder talk about rapes or how many children they have kill .. that's horrifie me. ... perhaps FoxNews will do a meaculpa for this too ??? ) (I know most of don't really like Mickael Moore, but have you seen his film ? Ian ?? beside he is a extremist I learn some things..)

But it isn't the time to wonder why US decide to launch the war or if it was for a good reason, it's time to stop this. Perhaps most of you aren't agree with me, but I think UN is the key. That can be good way to stop this war, but Bush decide to go against the UN. So right now, most of UN people don't want to sign with Bush.
Two weeks ago, there was a talk, and most of people at the show say that Kerry is the only person who can right now, ask help from the UN.

So I think that if you want the war to stop, should give Kerry a chance..
Comment on Iraq and Ulterior Motives
by Jkx