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Ian, your last post was bordering on neutral and more about [mis]understandings so I didn't mind posting. The Harpers' piece it just a hit piece. Naomi Klein is a anti-corporitist and anti-globalization writer (pieces in The Guardian, The Nation and the book "No Logo"). She starts off by bemoaning a construction crane putting up a billboard (capitalist invasion!) and she just keeps swinging that hammer. Her basic complaint is that it is too easy and attractive for foreigners to do business in Iraq (the horror!). She compares the American commander Bremmer to the Chilean dictator Pinochet. Calls the Americans Straussians (I'm not sure why this charge is so popular, maybe because the oldest Neocons came from the left?). And recoils in horror that Iraq might get a Walmart. She envisions something more perfect for Iraqis, but it isn't clear what (other than fewer capitalists). The repeated assumption that Iraq is a giant testbed for economic theories is the stuff of conspiracy theories.

This is a piece for the converted, a mix of style and anecdote. You can't argue against it, and you aren't meant to. It is meant to stir the passions and cement opinions, not change them. In short, this is light propaganda. That is fine for in-circles where everyone can do high fives but it isn't much of a discussion piece.

I'll avoid posting in in-circle posts from here out so other people can have their high-fives in piece *wink*
Comment on Iraq and Ulterior Motives
by Jack Diederich