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Stackless is probably the thing you want to check out (speacking of checking out: the stackless website is really not
up to date anymore and the cvs address has changed to:
export CVSROOT
cvs login
cvs co stackless

What is possible now, is to have "tasklets" than run as light weight threads. Communication is done
via so called "channels". Tasklets can be pickled and saved for later use.

For now, it is not possible to use this in distributed computing environments, but there are definatelly
plans for that. At the moment, stackless is based on python 2.2.3 . Porting to python 2.3 might take a
It might happen that stackless won't be continued as such, but integrated into the pypy (python in python).
See http://codespeak.net for further info on that.
Comment on Concurrency-Oriented Python
by Stephan Diehl