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{One thing he noted about the people he encountered is that they were actively against "cool".
For many people, "cool" is no longer an option, and they recognize that. Recognizing it, they might come to hate cool and hate everything it represents. Especially with something like cool, because it's something that is held over you, it's something that can divide a person from their children and their peers. Of course there will be resentment.

What is the definition of "cool", though? Isn't this different for everyone? What you consider to be cool could be totally un-cool to me, and vice versa. I think Python, CCGs and lava lamps are cool, and thugs, cell phones and piercings are uncool, but my daughter probably thinks the opposite. :-)

But maybe you are saying that Republicans think that *nothing* is cool. Hmm.
Comment on Anti-Intellectualism and Politics
by Hans