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I'm not US citizen, so my opinions seem totally irrelevant whatever they may be. However, I have two opinions about this elections.

First I think everybody on this world should get a vote on who's getting to be next american president, as the load of bullshit produced by the american goverment is something the whole world has to bear.

Secondly: A president is a decision maker, that means he's carrying responsibility and has to take the Blame when he screws up. That's what beeing president is all about. Never in his life Bush has had to take the blame for the things he screwed up. He's screwed up america real bad the last 4 years, and whoever gets next president has to cleanup the mess. Because that's near to impossible the next president will have to take a lot of blame for things the current president screwed up.
I'm not alright with that. I think Bush should be held responsible, and the only way to archieve this is by keeping him around the office to be there when the errors of the last 4 years come crushing down to the ones carring responsibility.
Then, and only then, most american people will realize how bad this president really was. And hopefully learn something.
Comment on Anti-Intellectualism and Politics
by Florian