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Ian, you seems to have quite the same issue as me.
This post sound like the dilemma1/2.


In fact, i think the ideal system should support pdb debugging (like w/ a medusa server), and mod_python for production.

mod_python provide:
- variety of env
- reliable (in fact you will crash a sub-interpreter, but apparently not the main one.) And even if this occur, apache will free it, so you can hope the next request will work.
- reasonalbe multi-user env. That why I end up w/ webware, having to launch every server is a mess. And worst it's eating memory and others even for website than never get 1 hit.
- scales well

Now i'm not a mod_python guru, so i decide to use quixote, because it provide medusa and mod_python. so debugging and large scale support
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