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You do not know if a programmer was lazy, you may know you did that because you only do that when you are lazy?
You do not know why a programmer programs, it may be love, it may be money, it may be a need in helping something else.
You do not know if a programmer works for himself or if he is trying to be nice with the next one that picks up on the programming.
I don't know anything and I have never had time to be getting god at understanding psychology, sociology and otherwise the human nature, but one thing I do know, that if you have any reason to believe that you could be wrong than you shut up.
I'm already sorry I wrote this because I know I could be wrong.
By the way there are many times I prefer bool and true_value or false_value.
Programming alone is art and programming in a team is engineering.
I believe (I never know) no artist ever care about the rest when he creates unless the work is somewhat about the rest.
I hope (I never know) every engineer must care about the rest.
Picking up on an artist's work is called criticism.
Picking up on an engineer’s work is called along with other stuff maintenance.
Let's stop talking, let's stop comparing and divagating and let's start doing what we must or love or need to do ant let's not try to be heroes who wish to make a better world yet we have no tools nor we are seeking for the tools.

From Socrates to Heidegger to Wittgenstein to Chomsky we know nothing, yet for some reason we all must talk.

I'm sorry for may "bad?" English
and if you could not understand me
or if you could:
I assert it is so much my problem as is also your.

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by Gheorghe