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I must admit to have been a bit disappointed by the WSGI drafts. The first thing I noticed was that the documentation was confusing; 2 examples are given that are 'Much the same thing' except it quickly becomes apparent that no, they're quite different and use different approaches. I think that draft needs looking over by a neutral third party who is going to hammer it into something more readable. The second thing was that I couldn't really see this benefitting a lot of people. As a web application developer currently using mod_python, this doesn't help me significantly. After all, 'freeing' my application from the mod_python/Apache dependency is another way of losing me the other benefits it brings such as smart module reloading, easier HTTP status handling, automatically parsed URIs and query strings, session management and so on. If someone was to standardise those features across various webserver implementations - features that PHP and ASP users take for granted - then I would be much happier.
Comment on WSGI Sample Apps and Middleware
by Ben Sizer