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Chris: the Zope development I do is purely as an employee, so I don't entirely get to choose to recuse myself. But I am actually pushing pretty hard at work for us to try new things. Like Webware (obviously, considering my background with that project). I've held back from making those suggestions before now, because I haven't felt as confident about my own assessment of Zope, or my assessments of the company's needs. Given a little more time with both of those, I'm being more active in pushing specific technologies and strategies.

It's funny though... am I pushing these changes because they are the right choice, or just the right choice for me? Of course, with only three and a half developers, even if it's only the right choice for me, that doesn't mean it's not the right choice for the company. It's hard to be objective, but at the same time I'm not a disinterested consultant. But I'm proud of that, you can't be disinterested and constructive at the same time. And sometimes I feel partisan, but maybe I'm just opinionated and invested.

(BTW, Chris, I found the document you wrote about collaborative development in Zope to be quite helpful in thinking about our processes -- if I felt committed to Zope development, that would be the direction I'd be pushing; at the same time, it seems like nearly as radical a change to our development process as using Webware)
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