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Chris, Alan: I generally worry that I'm going to get burned when I try to treat Zope as "just Python". This is mostly due to Zope's security, which at once stymies me and scares me -- I know there's big holes in my applications, but none of the holes that I want. Anyway, passing objects into and out of Zope is less than trivial -- I only feel confident when I'm passing builtin structures (strings, lists, dicts, etc).

But yes, I could figure this out and use the DB-API and ignore Zope entirely. That's frustrating, because that's not how I've developed the application so far. And I've been following the documentation's suggestions -- the problem is that most Zope documentation suggests a style of programming that is not appropriate for complex applications. And now that the applications exist in their current form, moving into the plain Python environment is not that easy. And if I do, why do I want to use Zope at all?

Okay, okay, there's ways to deal with it all, and there's ways ways to use Zope better, and there are things that Zope provides -- but none of that addresses the real driving factor behind the post: Zope makes me unhappy. You can't argue with that! My programmer-happiness expectations are high -- as well they should be! This is Python after all, we should expect more. I don't like the feeling that I don't understand the system, that I can't easily understand the system; that's there's always a technique I'm missing; that there's always a system interaction bug I'm not expecting; I don't like that I feel ignorant, and yet I feel like I know more than many Zope programmers -- I can deal with ignorance, but there's something wrong when there's so many people starving for too little knowledge. And I hate, hate, hate the idea that Zope Is Complex But Powerful. The whole idea of Complex But Powerful feels fucked up to me; a great way for consultants to sell their services. I'm just trying to build stupid websites, not rocket science, these aren't advancing the state of the art... shouldn't that be easy? I'd like to get to the rocket science part, but if I can't build the stupid website easily I'm not going to buy into the rocket science.

Now I'm just getting ranty. But it's frustrating.
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by Ian Bicking