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I've been _loving_ using ZPT and python scripts to display and edit databases using ZSQL. After researching lots of different ways of doing it, (Tapestry, jsp, webware, php, jhtml, etc...) I've found my favorite way is using zope.

I've put together about five different sites that work with databases, and the first one took me about five days of part time, and subsequent ones haven't taken more than about two hours each. (Each one deals with 3 SQL tables max.)

I have forms that act as both an add and an edit, and I've never had any databese requests fail. The ZSQL Connection has lots of parameters that let me control everything that I'd want to, and it does some nice database pooling so I don't have to.

I think my advice to anyone else would be to avoid all the shiny things in zope that are supposed to make things easier, and keep it to Page Templates, Python Scripts, and ZSQL methods.

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