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Yes, I had Cleese in mind when I was thinking about this. It's cool -- but maybe the reason it is cool is because it gives an operating system with no preconceptions. I don't think it's cool because implemented device drivers in Python would be fun ;)

As for the Exokernel... I don't really know enough to say. There's been stuff like this for years, stuff people called revolutionary, but I'm not sure where the concrete results are. Linux is a huge step backwards to the monolithic kernel, yet it has been more successful than microkernels. Not just because people are dumb, either -- Microsoft has moved away from NT's microkernel design as well, and if they can't pull it off than microkernels aren't obviously the best way to do it. Maybe they are a good way to do it, but not Right Now, apparently.

But I only look at this stuff from the sidelines occassionally, so I'm just guessing.
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by Ian Bicking