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I've worked with Perl, PHP, and Python (in that order). I've settled into Python, I like it very much. It's "satisfying".

I tried Python CGI, and ended up getting really frustrated. I tried Zope, and have had mostly good experiences. I have a few applications working, and am introducing my co-workers to it now, because I think it's relatively easy to use. The web interface is comforting if you haven't done a lot of web development. I like the fact that I don't have to rewrite common code, like user authentication, it's just built in.

Now though, I'm really not sure what direction to go in. I'd like to be able to commit to a direction for a while. The first step was focusing on a language, I chose Python, now I need to focus on a web framework. It's a really muddy field, and it's very frustrating.
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