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Nils: I think the problem with your Zope restarts might be that you don't use ZEO. With ZEO, restarts are quite fast as the database index never needs be rebuilt (unless you stop the ZEO server in an unorderly fashion). The number of products doesn't really impact things significantly (unless you have an ill-behaved product, that is).

In any case, needing to restart the process that rusn my code really doesn't bother me very much (Zope or non-Zope), as long as it takes under, say, 10 seconds. The only time I really want to see changes immediately is for presentation/HTML code, which, in Zope, CMF skins allow me to do, and for CGI/mod_*, obviously just happens anyway (with extreme penalties and with some caveats).
Comment on Zombie Bugs
by Chris McDonough


Chris: the site I was talking about uses ZEO. It is just very large with lots of render clients. It's also not a good fit for Zope because Zope wasn't designed for building a distributed transaction platform. And the folks who wrote the original code were worse developers than monkeys on crack.

# Nils Kassube