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Smalltalk has an easier time of it because it doesn't have to keep source in a file in sync with code in the process. Non-product (through-the-web) Zope development, where code is kept in the ZODB (similar to the Smalltalk image) doesn't have this syncing problem. I've never had problems with stale code in that environment. OTOH, that environment sucks for all sorts of other reasons, and Smalltalk isn't immune to those same issues. (All the past criticisms of Smalltalk I wrote in http://blog.colorstudy.com/ianb/weblog/2004/03/10.html#P68 apply quite well to Zope in this respect)

However, I certainly concede that it's a compromise -- there are real advantages to the way Smalltalk does it. (Frankly, the Zope through-the-web environment isn't mature enough to stand up nearly as well to these criticisms.) But those advantages are closely tied to some disadvantages. (Well, if Python modules and classes were more declarative and less imperative, it would be possible to do these updates a bit more elegantly -- but that itself is a compromise, as there's some added flexibility in Python because of the concreteness of its objects.)
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by Ian Bicking