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Re: Cherrypy and RhubarbTart

Ian, let me know about anything that applies to Quixote. I'm making a branch version of Quixote with native WSGI, and I'd like to do a second version that integrates with Paste (with everything that duplicates middleware removed). Routes support is a significant desire too.

My reason for this is I like Quixote's smallness and reliability, yet WSGI and Paste are clearly the way of the future. CherryPy and TurboGears are great but they're more complex than I'd like. (Complexity => Murphy's law) So I see a future for Quixote-style applications integrated with Paste.

One issue is needing a fake 'quixote' importable to access the request/response/session objects. But that shouldn't be any more difficult than a fake 'cherrypy'.

Another question is which session middleware to use. Would session2 as middleware be generally useful, or is there already a middleware object with the same backends? Note that Quixote applications are accustomed to adding attributes to the session rather than dict items, especially the .user attribute, so this would need to be supported.

PS. it would be nice if this blog showed the article publishing date at the top. It took me a while to find it near the "Add comment" button.

Comment on Cherrypy and RhubarbTart
by Mike Orr