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unfortunately, the code that powers thraxil.org isn't really in a releasable state at the moment. there's too much hard-coded in right now and it relies on a few additional "micro-apps" beyond Tasty that haven't been released yet. unfortunate because it covers pretty much all your stated requirements.

it also went through a phase where it stored everything in text files on the filesystem with BDB indices and published statically (making very clever use of apache SSIs) so i know what you're talking about with the issues there. eventually i broke down and rewrote it with SQLObject (against PostgreSQL) and cherrypy serving pages dynamically (but using memcached on a few bottlenecks). currently, i'm porting it to TurboGears and trying to turn it into something that other people might be able to install and use on their servers in the process. don't hold your breath though. i've still got a few issues that i'm not sure how i'm going to solve.

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