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Re: Being Unitized

I had this impression.. let me state it: this is a java guy.

I don't mean he is using java I mean he is committed to the idea that if a thing is simple it is not valuable. The problem with unittest in python is a different beast, people actually want it to be more simple. Go figure.

On the second part of the article, the one you quote, I wonder: what the hell he's trying to say? If I can't unit test the composition of components, how am I supposed to check if something work? Should I automate my tests by getting some slave who endlessly type the same input or should I use some kind of automated interface..mh.. like.. well.. a xUnit framework?

Also, he clearly states that unit testing "says nothing whatsoever about your system's design or architecture", which imo is wrong. The ease of testing is a direct heir of good design.

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by gabriele renzi