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I can't believe it would be that terrible of a chore to develop a Jython based Web framework for j2ee. The web side is primitive because you are supposed to build a framework up from it, the freedom is yours to decide. Sun acknowledges this and its considered a good practice to use a web framework. Ill have to check some of the links on this page out, maybe one alread exists.

In my experience in developing both in Java and Jython at the same time, its been enjoyable. Both are simple languages, so its not hard to reason about the code in either case. It also isn't that hard to translate between the two. The biggest headache Ive encountered is reasoning about how a python truth can be mapped to a java truth. Python: if something: ..do something

java: if ??????

since something can be true in many cases, not like the good ol simple if(true){


I had the choice of buying "Beyond Java" or "Swing Hacks" this last weekend. I perused "Beyond Java" and saw that it seemed to dismiss Python as a language because it relies too much on whitespace and the community isn't friendly and too academic. At that juncture I didn't care what the author had to say anymore and put the book back up on the shelf. Ive read one of his other books and really didn't get anything out of it. Not sure why I would need to read another of his "I Dont Like Java Books", you'd think one would be enough. :D I would think people could be able to decide if they like a technology or not by just using it. Then I perused "Swing Hacks" and after reading a couple of pages thought that it looked like a lot of fun, and it is! If your a Swing user who likes to play with the internals of the widgets and make cool stuff, it probably would be a book you'd like. If your a Swing user who just likes to plop widgets together, well it might be for you to! It might just inspire you to dig into the Swing source and make magic happen.


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