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  1. Why Isn’t Programming Futuristic

    If you think someone is asking a rhetorical question, it is usually most interesting to treat it as though it is a legitimate question. Especially if we’re talking about something hard — driving down to underlying assumptions through this questioning process is interesting.

    Applying this to Bret Victor’s talk ...

  2. The overuse of functions

    A programming quandry (related to some thoughts I’ve had on locality):

    The prevailing wisdom says that you should keep your functions small and concise, refactoring and extracting functions as necessary. But this hurts the locality of expectations that I have been thinking about. Consider:

    function updateUserStatus(user) {
      if (user ...
  3. new” Only Makes Javascript OO Harder

    Javascript objects and classes aren’t hard. This whole “prototype” thing is blamed for too much: prototype-based programming isn’t hard. this is really weird, but prototypes aren’t.

    What’s prototype-based programming? It just means every object has a “prototype” and when you look up a property on the ...

  4. New Blog Software

    Since I want to start blogging again, of course I have to also change my software. That’s just out these things work.

    And to start a new blog I need at least one post, otherwise things are breaky. So of course the first post must be the announcement I ...

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