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This actually seems very logical to me. When you look at pythons batteries included approach, all the tools are there for writing these custom apps with no outside libraries. This seems highly desireable given that these apps for the most part will have to be hosted on a platform which only has python installed, and the user doesn't have control over what they can install on these machines. Urllib alone is more than adequate for generating http headers and responses. I don't blame the fact that we don't have killer frameworks, just with all the dependencies most require, basically anything beyond python greatly reduces their usability. Though one thing that did catch my attention quite a bit, is the new demo over at twistedmatrix of their web 2, the one file has several deployment options built in. Also I believe that when most python programmers go to tackle the web, have a hard time thinking past the application and we want our applications to be very usable by as many people as possible.

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