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Re: Alternate Python Install Directory

See also these non-root installation instructions that show how to install packages so that they override the systemwide Python site-packages directory, even if you don't have root access.

Comment on Alternate Python Install Directory
by Phillip J. Eby


I've just downloaded my pyvm-1.5.2 on sourceforge. Pyvm is a wannabe-java jvm but for python. It installs cleanly everywhere in the file system and doesn'r require root access. If you'd like to have a try that is on http://pyvm.sourceforge.net. It should recompile from sources on SuSE 9.3 (there is already the binary) and Fedora core3, but, if all the dependencies are meet, on any system.

PS> I've just downloaded on sourceforge the release 1.5.2, but the mirrors can be not up-todate.

# antonio